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Nelson Brothers Engine


Got this engine at an auction a few months ago. From searches on this site it looks to be 3 horsepower. The weather has warmed up here enough to get out into the cold garage to grab some more photos. It has a start/run lever that retards the spark. It looks manufactured for this engine and not something home made. Spark comes from a coil mounted in a wood box on the flywheel end of the pull cart. A button on the "cam gear" trips/depresses a switch that is wired into the coil box. The run/start lever moves the switch relative to the cam gear button as it rotates. I've had it running and it will chug away with no load for a couple minutes and then stall. Can hear it sucking air from the carburetor during stall. Starts back up easily. I don't have any experience operating this engine. Hopefully with use I'll get the right combination of fuel and choke settings. Guessing that with proper cleaning and setup, it will run continuously.
Goal is to hook it up to some kind of implement. Will need to locate a pulley to install that will use a flat belt. Shaft size is 1-9/16". Don't know what diameter I'll need. Will search and post if needed at a later date.
Will add more photos to another post as it seems this one is maxed out.
Thanks, Ray


Denis Rouleau

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What is the serial number and the model designation stamped on the face of one of the flywheels?

Denis Rouleau


A nice engine you have there, UncleRay.
You should be able to get it running properly with a bit of messing with it.