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New guy to the Stak, West central Illinois

As user name says it all. (Hard Core Deere Man) Have a few others in the herd, but most are Deere. Any others on here brave enough to admit they are from Illinois? Old iron will drive you crazy, but the trip there is a lot of fun. Hope to here from a few and kick some rocks around. Live long enough to drive your kids crazy and have some fun. :salute:

Stan N

Re: New guy to the Stak, West centeral Illinois

Hi Deere Man
Welcome to the site. I'm from Illinois also. I'm from the far northwest part.


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Re: New guy to the Stak, West centeral Illinois

Hi Deere man
I'm from Leland Il. that's 12 miles west of Sandwich Il.
Re: New guy to the Stak, West centeral Illinois

Hi to all and thanks for the reply's. Been to Sandwich Il. and gone through Leland Il. Up that way buying some old Green iron. Long frame B and 37 A.
Go to Galena, Il. a lot. Stay out by Eagle Ridge area. Ran a lot of trains through that area. The bottom of the ski slope come right up next to our tracks. Lot of things getting pricey around that area.
Marseilles is one I have heard of, but don't believe I have been through.
Live just east of Galesburg in little town of Knoxville. Any going to Mt Pleasant Ia. Going around 16th to help or get in the way! Depends who you ask. Well thanks to all for a reply. See you down the road.

Paul Searl

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Welcome! I live up by rochelle, but dad and the farm are just north of the QC. We'll go doen to mt pleasant to walk around. Our main show is Geneseo but we haul a trailor load to a few other shows.


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We are down close to Belleville IL, we show mostly only at Pinkneyville and at Highland if time permits.