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New Haven Lathe


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That is an incredibly rare machine. I've never seen any New Haven machines and I live here. They were built at 30 Whitney Ave New Haven CT at whats now down in the heart of Yale Univ.


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Take that small chuck off and you will lose a pound or two.

Also if you remove the tail stock, that should take a few more pounds off.

I found that turning a carpet runner over and putting it under the piece allows you to easily pull heavy pieces across the floor.

This should help when sliding it down the basement stairs.

Don't forget to check if there is enough clearance at the bottom of the stairs to allow the Lathe to be turned into the basement.

You may want to get some of those moving dollies at HF, One on each end should do.

However. if it falls through the basement stairs you should have plenty of room to move it around in the basement.

Nice machine.

I certainly hope you don't take me seriously.

Bill Hazzard

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Thanks to Rob on Practical Machinist the lathe weighs 5800 plus some for the transmission and motor on it. If it was closer I might be interested in it.