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New Parts For Old

Mike Unwin

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Good Day,
I just thought I would share this with the engine guys here in Ontario we are very lucky to have a great foundry located at 930 Kamato Road Mississauga the name of the place is Skara Metal Foundry Ltd I have used them several times over the years and been very happy with the results . You drop the parts off to be recast and picked them up in a weeks time they do aluminium ,high strength bronze and brass the detail on the new parts is fantastic the casting numbers are reproduced in great detail . There is a slight shrinkage in the new parts but nothing to worry about ,they have done feed grinder oil caps ,crank guards ,governor arms and even wheels for me . So if you are ever stuck and can find even one new part to borrow they can help you and get your engine back looking and working like new .The aluminium parts they can put in a rubber roller tumbler which takes the chrome like shine off the material in there is steel shot which is finer than beach sand and then the parts are ready for priming and painting really interesting place to see .Cheers Mike


G Willikers

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We use them all the time. She does amazing work doesn't she!
She made me a part from a zinc-aluminum alloy. It has a fair weight, close to iron, and is very tough. It worked great. It was interesting to drill bolt holes in. You had to lift the drill bit and brush it often because that material stuck on there quickly.
For cast iron, we use Ruskcast Inc. in Thorold. He does great work and seems to like the one-off jobs even though they are very busy.