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New Saw


Been a while since I’ve been on here at all due to work going through a divorce and my 8year old daughter passing away unexpectedly so my hobbies were the last thing on my mind but I picked up 2 new saws a little homelite xl should run with Just gas everything seems good on it and a Clinton D-2-D the Clinton I was told was locked up but I messed with the pull start and the chain and it’s free but doesn’t seem to have a whole lot of compression and pretty sure it was under water at some point because the chain is rusted to the bar and the fuel tank is terrible inside plus there’s milky sludge in the oil tank but I think I can get it running. I only paid $15 for the homelite and $20 for the Clinton so I’m not out much either way because the Clinton would still make for a good display saw if it won’t run