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New Way Coil and plug questions


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Been wondering for a while about these 2 questions,thought I'd post and get the answers. I have a few New Way coils, one tag says "adjusted for dynamo" the others say "adjusted for 4 dry cells".Now I know one is for friction generator, and one for battery, but just what would be adjusted and how? 2nd question is I read New ways had "special" 1/2" thread sparkplugs, for a while then went to "standard" 1/2" plugs. Would the special just be a longer thread plug? Thanks-Neil.


G'Day Neil,
I don't have the answer about the differences with the coils but I would guess different gauge wire or number of turns or both.
With the spark plug question only way I could think of is to measure the plug hole for depth and go with that one. Your theory of a long reach plug could well be a valid one.


Hi Neil, the meaning of "special" in those applications is probably lost to history at this point but the term usually meant a plug which was specifically made for that engine, whether it be automotive, tractor, mc or whatever. The specials usually would have a longer reach below the threads and/or a different size hex to fit that application. I sell antique plugs and have 1/2" pipe thread plugs available in all sizes and types if needed. Hope this helps

Ed Radtke

the coil adjustment refers to amp draw wich is adjusted by the point gap.a gap adjusted to draw,say,4 amps on dc will draw a different value on ac.