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New Way Shroud? Help!

David M. Lyon

Does anyone make a reproduction cooling shroud for the New Way engines? Can't seem to find anyone with them listed.:(
I might could repair this one, but it would sure take a lot of pecking and pinging to ever get it close to usable...Or if anyone has a good used one, give me a shout!:rolleyes: It's a type "A" model "C" 3 1/2 horse

David M.:wave:


Rick Strobel

New member
Hi David...one was on ebay not too long ago. ~100 rockets I think is what he wanted for it..don't remember if it sold.

Down the road I'd like to find one for my 4 1/2 hp.

Will keep my eyes and ears open.


Benny Mckheean

New member
David,If you have a good sheet metal shop in the area and you take the original to them they should be able to make you one. Benny

Tim Christoff

New member
I have had all the ones I needed made by a heating and cooling shop. A good sheet metal worker can make one in a couple of hours or less and the cost is usually pretty reasonalbe.