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Newbee here, cool site, oil bath air cleaner ?

Captain Jim

First off, this is a cool site, and I need to say Hello!:wave:

I have just replaced the wisconsin engine on my log spliter, with a back up my partner in crime picked up many years ago for me to store! Never thought I would need it, but it's on!:shrug:

Due to the location of the hydraulic ram, I was forced to shorten the vertical tube, the one with the steel wool type material in there. Not I can't remember how the dome shaped plate goes back in there?:bonk:

Moter runs but is sucking oil up into the steel wool material? I assume it is because I didn't have this domed plate in there? Or could it be because the vertical tube is too short, and it is just going to be a problem?

Looking for advise or experience please. The old engine had no air cleaner, but I would like to stick with the original oil bath on here if it will work.

Thanks in advance for and advise or assembly diagram on an oil bath air cleaner on this baby!:)


Captain Jim

Thanks for the reply Ray, I will check at lunch time and post the info.

Also, I am planning to go through the old one (quit and was blowing back through carb-assume a valve issue?) completely. Are the gasket sets for these available? No plates on the old one but it looks the same except spark plug location and angled exahst outlet? May need help identifying the old one.


Bill Sherlock

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Blowing back through the carb could be result of a fuel supply issue. Does your engine have a fuel pump? Perhaps a diaphram could have cracked or have a pin hole in it. Not saying this is your problem but might be.



In an oil bath air cleaner the oil does get sucked up into the steel wool/mesh material. That way the dirt gets stuck to the oil then drains back down into the bowl on the bottom. The dirt settles out and "clean" oil goes back up next time the engine is run. On my old International truck the first time I cleaned it I had an inch of dirt in the bottom. No paper filter can handle that kind of dirt load and still work fine. On my Dodge the oil bath was an option for harsh/dusty environments. On the International after I cleaned out the dirt it leaked oil like crazy. Had to weld up half a dozen rust spots that had been sealed by the dirt.


Captain Jim

Thanks for the replys guys!

No fuekl pump, just gravity.

The new one is an AKN (angled spark plug, and straight out exhaust) with the oil bath filter issue. Where in the filter and how does the domed deflector go? Will I be able to maintain this filter now that I modified it to fit? What are my other options? I want to use a filter of some sort!:shrug:

The motor I took off has no plate but has Fairbanks-Morse mag, and numbers are
CW 13*
Serial 5277426

The exhaust also exits at a 45 angle on the corner and has a straight up spark plug?
Man For Y-109

I am now curious what these two motors are, and when from? You guys have my curiousity going now!:)

Great ly appreciate this site and everyone's help!