Newly acquired Honda EM600 and Kawasaki KB550A generators


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Hello! New user here and recently received some goodies.

Let's start off that this place is really cool, lots of awesome pieces here and very interesting information.

That being said, I figured I'd share my experience of receiving these cool little gensets.

I received a kawasaki kg550a at a letgo selling app for 40 bucks. The original owner stated ot hasnt ran in years and will require some work. After an oil change and a carb clean, it started right up and ran very smooth. Puts out power as well. Quiet as well.

The Kawasaki meant alot to me since it was the same model that I first acquired when I was about 12 or so years old. It was a week before the three hurricanes hit us and my dad wanted it to work so I disassembled everything and cleaned it out. After a soft rebuild, I managed to get it going and held up after the storm. Unfortunately, it wasnt strong enough so we got a kawasaki 1000 which is identical to this 550a but larger. It ran well and held us over. It was stolen shortly after power was restored. I was very sad, and thought I wont see it again. So I'm glad to find this one.

So a couple days later, I found a honda em600 generator on Facebook marketplace for another 40 bucks. Same story, hasnt run in years and unable to crank now. Bought it and worked on it. It was a very clean unit.

Cleaned the carb and it fires right up. Makes power. Put it away and a couple days later, I went back to start it. No start......

Checked fuel. Good.
Checked spark, none found.

Man....took me three days to figure this out since I dont have the shop manual for it so I'm going blind. Noticed it is a cdi system so I broke out my fluke multimeter and started to check everything. Multiple different areas repeatedly and still to no avail.

Checked the coil, it was good. Check safety cutout switch. Good.

Checked pulsar coil, good.

Checked all wiring. Good.

Checked stator to charge circuit. Hmmmm it supposed to give me a resistance value. Opened the stator up and noticed one of my charge coil was open. There was two, 180 degrees from each other. One was 20 ohms, other open. Applied heat, resistance goes up to 390 ohms.

So......since there are no available parts, I had to make a repair. I scratch the laminate off the coil wound wires, chop off the pigtail of the wire going to the coil wound and solder directly to the coil wound.

Got my resistance, put everything back together and got my spark. Put back together and the generator ran. Yay!!!!!

Until it gets hot and it hunts really badly.

Took the carb back off and the idle circuit was blocked. Took me an hour to clean it with the smallest braid wire I can possibly find. The hole was very tiny. I repurposed the carb spray needle hose so it can slip onto the brass fitting of the jet so i can send forced solution through the jet.

Result: no more hunting. Generator runs awesome. Still is to this day.

Now.....I got a twin EM600 discovered from a buddy of mine who has a mower shop. He doesn't know what to do with it.

I brought my old school kees mower, the one with bicycle wheels and a 4hp briggs. Works beautifully.

He loved it, so the trade was made.

Performed major carb clean, runs great.

Sooooo....this is my experience so far. Sorry it was a long read.

But they are very cool indeed. Awesome to own two EM600s and a kg550a. Working models to boot :)

If you have any questions on them, feel free to ask me. I've taken them apart to the point I basically memorized how it goes back together lol.



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I acquired more generators lol. One caught my eye the most though. The Generac G1000 with the kawasaki engine.

I'm posting a long tutorial on how to retrofit a 79cc predator( or likewise chinese engine) carburetor onto a kawasaki must if it is missing. The carb are basically unobtainable and there are no direct replacements.

This retrofit should fit the kawis from the 550 upwards to 1000 such as the ga series and whatnot.

So.....another forum in the making at the generac section. Enjoy!