Nichols and Shepard 1912 engine


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Hi there, is there anyone who knows something about the 1912 Nichols and Shepard enging thas is for sale on Ebay ( see ) ?
I have been trying to get in touch with the seller but he has not responded yet. It is vital for me to know in what state the boiler is as the authorities over here (the Netherlands) are very strict about this subject.
Can anyone give me some info or does someone know this engine or the seller ?

Regards from the Netherlands !


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The engine has been listed a few months back. Apparently it didn't get sold, don't know the story there as it was listed sold at that time, but it's back under the same seller. It was discussed on this site then and some additional info was covered then. It was under low pressure steam in the video's at that time. I believe it was mentioned that the engine came from the Oscar Cook collection.