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No. 2 Jewel Manufacturer


Edward Bertschy

Hi, At Robson's Mining World in Aquila Arizona is a small horizontal steam engine, not more than 20 HP, which is connected to a 5 stamp mill. The engine has the words No. 2 Jewel on the side of the base. I am building a similar model, and would like any information about the manufacturer. There is an unusual governor on this engine with the following info: F. Merite's Patents Pending: May 1886, Oct. 2, 94;Jan. 11 87: Oct. 16, 84; and Feb. 19,95. I will have pictures in a little bit. I was hoping someone might recognize the manufacturer. I have heard of an engine called the S.C. Jewel No. 1. I have no idea if it is the same manufacturer. Thanks, Ed

Paper Steam Engine