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Nordberg --Big power


While fun to see its almost hard to accept that most of this stuff will be scraped in a few years.

This unit, the newest of the bunch is still in service on occasion, the turbo charger is 4 feet across.



The sad thing is, that if we got a real serious attack on our grid/power generation system, these de centralized/local power plants could be a real asset, but will likely be all gone or not allowed to be fired up!

Pete LaBelle

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I got in there about 20 years ago. Typical introduction to the normal solitary attendant "well.........I'm not supposed to let anyone in, but come in for a few minutes".

This station is down town Grand Haven on some pretty coveted near riverfront property. At the time of my visit, each engine was fired up once a month, but a couple had some issues due to some insufficient lube oil used at one point.

There are still a lot of small diesel plants scattered across the landscape here in Michigan that get pressed into service on occasion.

Seek them out. They won't be around for ever!