North, VA Auction Results Report - Marvin Simon Estate

Mike Monnier

I would agree that there were bargains to be had in there. Obviously no Gravely collectors there to let a model D get away for $250! Sad as it is to say, but whomever bought the Abel for $50 could probably double up just going to the scrap yard.:eek: The rare stuff commanded a premium, as it should, but there were opportunities among the more common engines.

Thanks for all of your effort recording this stuff Steve.


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Does anybody know who bought that Upright Stover missing a bunch? Buddy of mine went to the auction and it had a tag stating it was sold by Syndor Pump and Well in Richmond, VA. Would be interested in chasing that one down if it has left Virginia to bring it back.


There were SOME bargains there, but the prices may or may not reflect that some of these engines were, in my opinion, BOAT ANCHORS. I think to call this sale museum quality stuff was a stretch of the imagination, again in my opinion. Which in the final analysis is absolutely worthless.


Wandered how long it would be before these started showing up here on classifieds. Now we know.


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Its a Free Country buyers can enjoy the opportunity to sell-and maybe someone who could not attend the auction would be delighted to purchase a engine from an auction buyer. How many times after a auction do people say "I would have paid that" for the item that sold at auction.

Craig A

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If no one SOLD anything we'd ALL be kind of SOL now wouldn't we.............:uhoh: ............:whistle_emoticon_here:...........:D