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Northwestern Railcar 2 stroke engine


I have a Northwestern Rail Car engine. It's 8-13 hp two stroke. I have Fairmonts as well. There is plenty to find on the fairmonts.

However, I can't find anything online about the Northwestern.

Are they rare? I am in need of a Carb Float and needle for it.

If I can't find one. I may try to fabricate a way to use a Fairmont C8 carb that I have....

Any thoughts or suggestons....

Andrew Mackey

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The larger fairmonts (8-13 HP) used a 12:1 fuel oil ratio (3/4 cup oil to one gallon gas) Smaller later engines used 16:1, SAE 30 NON Detergent oil. Modern lubes do not work well in these old low speed engines.