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Not engine related but funny if not you

Tom Fleming

Last Subscription Date
ok, THAT made my day. I wonder if that camel is for sale. I would like to tie him next to my tractors at shows...........................my engines too............. :brows: :O

Chris Wheeler

Last Subscription Date
If you look close they are trying to kill the camel. You can see the bloody gash at the bottom of his neck and the one guy has the knife in his hand.


Last Subscription Date
I'll bet the guy in the blue shirt has a sore neck for a few days! :O

Andrew Mackey

Last Subscription Date
Moslem Qurbani sacrifice probably. Not a pretty thing to see. Animals are sacrificed by slitting their throats. You see it a lot in india too. Cool to see the camel getting his licks in. Video on the news lately - man running down the middle of a highway in Dubai - chasing his runaway camel! That's a good one too!