Novo 3 hp worth

Econmy Spender

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I am very intrested at buying a 3hp novo early engine and i got a quote of 695$ (i have never looked into the price of them before) with it being shipped to me. Is This price too high??
Thanks, econmy spender


Here in the Midwest $700 is about what it is worth in good running shape. With shipping on top it is not a very good deal. IMO. Buying one in that shape always scares me. Someone did a lot of work and without putting your hands on it is hard to tell the quality of the work. Was is stuck and the cylinder pitted? Are the valves tight? Any broken and welded parts?


I thinkmI have seen that engine up for sale before. Have him send you a video of it running. Also when you say original tag does that mean the original round one and not the one currently attached to the engine? Turbo is right, not knowing what was done to it or the kind of workmanship done you could be getting a basket case! But don't let that scare you too much, just be careful and ask questions. I personally wouldn't pay much over $600 in good running condition. Now maybe if it had the original magneto with then maybe a few bucks more. Just my .02:D