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Novo AG, Perfection milker


Novo AG,
built for Perfection milkers
With Perfection Type/model 3 vacuum pump.
I bought this almost 3 years ago.
There was a lot of finagling in order to purchase the engine and pump and get them shipped from several states away. All I really had was a fuzzy looking picture of the engine on a cart and a second picture of the vacuum pump.
The woman I bought it from was the widow of the last owner. All she knew about it was that her late husband's grandfather was an engineer for Perfection and it had been sitting in the bottom of the barn for several years and every time it flooded all his milk cans would go out into the field so she decided to finally sell stuff.
I found an engine guy who I have never met, he agreed to go pick up the engine and the pump in exchange for the cart that it was on.

Then came the cleaning of engine, rebuilt the carburetor, I had to pull the head to fix the valves. Replace the missing drive pulley to return it back to Dairy use. I had to fix the Magneto, there wasn't good spark so the Mag was sent to a professional to get it sparking correctly.
The vacuum pump had to be disassembled, all the dirt, cow fur and grease cleaned out of it.
Had to reseat the valves, replace broken valve springs, replace bad gaskets & convert the pump from electric motor to engine driven.

The wheels came from a creamery cart out of New York, Lord only knows how many gallons of milk those wheels shuffled about. Only seems fitting to put them under a milker engine this time.
I finally got the Magneto back on Tuesday!
Got it back together by dark figure it out where the air & throttle should be set, even got a handful of Pops.
Tonight was the big run, after the video it continued to run for almost 2 hours, then I rechecked the head bolts and drained the water. The output shaft is running about 400-RPMs factory is 500-RPMs. I have a few adjustments I need to make on it over winter and then it will be ready to run again for next year show season.



Dale Russell

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MPH, I have reprints of the original Manual for the NOVO AG Engine available.
Contact me at kb zero wiz at yahoo dot com for more Info. Nice display!