Novo Single Cylinder Magneto ID


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I would like to identify the magneto found on a new (to me) Novo single cylinder engine. The engine would have had sheet metal around it. Someone has started to make a coil fired unit from the mag but I would like to go back to magneto. Engine has good compression.
Any info appreciated. Have contacted Dale Russell and ordering book from him.



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This is going off memory but you have a WICO magneto there if i remember correctly... The big bonus with that engine is that you should be able to get a good number of parts for that magneto and as an extra bonus the gear on the mag drive is the steel variant vs the other version which is fiber. As for the exact model of the magneto that i cant tell you.. Other options for this engine was an fairbanks morse fmx style mag, american bosch mag and a wico mag.. Parts book i have does not mention any model number.


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I think I might have an idea that it is an American Bosch MVA 1A
After much searching on the site there was a 2 cylinder model on another Novo and since my coil and cap was missing, it looked little like that one.
I need points for it at a minimum.
The points that were in the mag were not original and didn't pivot or have much means to adjust. The points spring was bent in a "Z" shape.
If anyone has any parts or a parts mag, I would love to contact you.
Thanks for all that responded.
I may have to swap to another brand of mag and place my gear on it.