Novo Zenith carburetor help


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Recently purchased my first engine a Novo. The carburetor is a zenith HR 20 L. I am looking for any information on this carburetor. There is a damaged part that I am assuming to be a mixture adjustment. Looking for a replacement or a fix of some kind. Thanks



Re: Novo zenith carburator help

Hay give Burchams Metal on 99 south /34th ave sw a try, I remember seeing 2 Nove engines, one had a big split in it , and the other I could never find !! :)
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Re: Novo zenith carburator help

Pretty sure that's your idle adjustment. It is a needle and removable seat arrangement. Your seat is pictured but needle is missing. We've built these before but it might be year or two between builds. From memory I believe one of the other Zenith needles will work(C46-6 or C46-25?) other than having a smaller head than the original. The seat is not available anywhere I know of and would have to be repaired, copied(machined) or find a used one. We may have a parts plate on that carb but I don't ever remember seeing any rebuilding instructions. Also from memory, if the float is bad I think you can replace the old one with one from a Farmall Cub, reusing the original arm. Good luck.