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A while back I posted the installation of a 12.5 JC Serial #177026279 That came off a utility company service truck. Over the past 6 months I have ran it under load once a month for about a hr.(Everything worked great) this last week I went to start it and it started ran about 10 minutes without load I was about to transfer the load and she quite. Started a couple more times but no joy.
I put the charger on and tried starting the next day no joy again ant this time the toggle switch would not shut started off. Took at least a minute to find tools to disconnect the battery.
So thats where we sit right now. Battery is new, I have confirmed LP gas vapor is at the Carb. I did not pull a plug to ck for spark.
Can I just replace toggle switch for on and off?
I have read of low oil shut down sensors, etc how would I ck those if they were on this unit,
As probably noted I am a real noobie to this onan stuff and would welcome any suggestions.
My first post and Pic of unit is on page 8 under walnut11
Thank for your help
David Peck
Stockbridge Mi.

Billy J Shafer

Re: Nuts

Yes you can replace to switch any good supply house should have one.If it has a low oil shutdown it will have a red button on the control panel.You will also find a pressure switch by the oil filter.Look inside the control box for loose wires or any relay that is loose.


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Just thought that I would update you fine folks on my non starting Gen set.
I needed to have the starter rebuilt after that was complete found that the electronic distributer took a leap and self distructed. Installed a new positronic unit all is well.
Although I did install the positronic unit the starter and problem solving was done by a local gen set company.
Still wonder how you would ck for something like this and is it the collective wisdom that these positronic units are a good thing. Do they fail that often should I have something like this on hand??

Thanks to all
David Peck
Stockbridge Mi