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O&r engine fuel pump


Help needed I bought a O&R 1hp engine and the fuel pump is not working I took the top of and all the parts fell out I do not know how it goes back together there is a small roller and I do not know where it goes has anyone got photos of how it should be or can you tell me please thank you Roger


Basically you locate the stainless steel ball bearing (inlet needle) in its hole, then you half install the spring steel two leg retainer (from the inlet needle side), then install the inlet valve arm which presses against the diaphragm. The little roller goes in the small channel opposite the inlet needle, as it provides additional spring to the spring steel retainer clip. I use a plastic pen cap to push the spring steel retainer in place. Just work the spring steel retainer slowly. With an x-acto blade, carefully pop up each leg of the spring steel retainer up over the roller. The spring steel retainer should be almost flat, when fully installed, with the two legs riding up over the crest of the small roller.