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Off topic question... Automotive Service Manuals

Wayne 440

...filled a 55 gal drum with unleaded. Added stability. Any thoughts about easy way to unload from a 4-8 utility trailer?...
Short term solution - Call a couple of strong friends, and supply beer (or other favorite beverage) after the unloading.
...Don’t have a 3 point lift attachment for my kubota...
Long term solution - Get one.


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I would add that some of the info gets lost, as model years get older. People forget what they used to know off the top of their head
If you don't want to sell them (not worth your time) then use an auto lit re seller. Once the info is gone, it is gone!
I've been looking for a IHC 9600 parts manual for years to replace the damaged copy I bought when I could find one.
I have manuals dateing back to the '40's and the info contained is vast and some is no longer easy to find. Not all ends up in digital format.

Ben Cowan

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wayne I know could have done it with a bud or my son in law but my independent scotch irish ancestry has kicked in and I was looking for anyone who might have fabricated their own ends to grab top and botton of drum to then use a block and tackle to lower about 20-24" to shop floor. No I dont have a floor crane or a chain hoist, I know I need to fabricate a three point lift attachment for the kubota. Any plans or drawings available?


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classic car clubs who are 501 (c) 3 might take them and if you have them appraised.... I'VE BEEN TOLD...
donated personal property used for the clubs tax exempt purpose are deductible at the appraised value
consult your tax preparer as I have no such standing. CAVEAT EMPTOR, YMMV