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Oily Rag Magazine


Hi All,
Just a courtesy note to advise that Oily Rag #60 has just gone into the Australia Post system.

Something to kill a bit of time whilst you're scratching your head wondering what to do on those cold days

Best wishes, jayvee :wave:


Hey there JayVee and all South Aussies from the south east............
This is off topic , but can anyone of you locals tell me the name of the fella who has a workshop engineering setup at Mt. Compass, please? He also has a steam engine and presumably a steam ticket. With thanks in advance, Teddey


Hi John

Got mime today, going to be wet tomorrow so I'll light the fire in the shed, pull up a chair and have a good read.




Hi All,
#61 has just gone into the Australia Post system. I doubt if many will get before end of this week. (#@$%&*^ public holiday)

Might be something worth reading.....

Best wishes, jayvee :wave:


Hi All,
I have just been advised by Australia Post that as of Monday 1st October 2018
Print Post charges affecting "The Oily Rag" (in its current format) has increased by a further 9 cents. (from $1.78 to $1.87 per item)
This is for the Regular Postage timetable.
Overseas postage has been severely affected with an increase of $4.00 ( $8 to $12 per item) :rant:

Unfortunately, this increase cannot be absorbed within the current subscription rate and will therefore have to be increased.

As it would appear that Australia Post is going to have 2 price increases per year re Print Post, (the first being March/April ) I think it unfair to be adjusting the subscription twice a year to meet their cost increase, I need to adjust the subscription accordingly to keep ahead of these increases.

Therefore, commencing January 1st 2019 -12 month sub will be $50 & single issue $8-50
If you wish to beat the increase, I'll accept early payment. No pressure to do so.) If unsure when your sub expires please contact me.

Hope this gives at least a 2 year "breather" before any further price increase is necessary. :shrug: I can only hope.

My apologies, but this is getting out of my control.

If you think "That's it, enough!" and pull the pin, I understand.

Australia Post doing their best to kill off business, be it theirs or mine!

Thank you for your time.

Best wishes, jayvee


Hi All,
Just a courtesy note to advise that the (somewhat late) #62 has just gone into the Australia Post system.
Hopefully you'll get before Christmas and have something to read over the festive break. :shrug:
Thank you to those who have helped out over past 12 months with support and/or contributions. Much appreciated.
Take care and best wishes for the festive season.

jayvee :wave:

Spoiler Alert; Interesting comment on page 2

Wayne Timms

Last Subscription Date
Hi jayvee,
I received my magazine yesterday.
Wishing you all the best for the festive season and the New Year.
Your comments on the feedback, personally this is not genuine feedback at all, obviously his opinion is very negative he doesn't tell you what he actually objects to....apart from the fact that he likes the jokes, so he is just a joker.
So what can you say. Don't lose sleep over it after all he is just having a go at the people who write the articles in the magazine - not you personally.


Hi Jayvee,
Received mine a couple of days ago. I agree with Wayne about the feedback. I enjoy the jokes too, but read the whole mag from cover to cover, as I am sure most of your readership do.
Best wishes for the Festive Season. Ian


Last Subscription Date
Got ours on Wednesday. As always a great read. Dont know how you manage to keep having great content every issue. Keep it up. Rob and Julie