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old avatar/profile pics


hi guys, yes its a bit different, but still works for me.
are we gunna get our old avatar / profile / ID pics back or do we need to redo our pic? ta Rod.


Staff member
Avatars were imported from the old system. Profile pics did not, but if you had something that you don't have a backup for, I can still get to the old files to pull a copy if you really need it.


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What happened to the profiles and all the Info. that was on it???? Can it Be Replaced ? I sure don`t understand the new form and don`t understand the instructions, Sorry my brain just don`t adjust to the new way. I don`t understand how to start a new Tread or how to add pictures to anything. Sorry. So my time on the Stak is less then half then it used to be. Roger Weinhold AKA Charlie 1925