old bench saw with trewhella bench gauge

Nathan Woodruff

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hi all

me and my father have recently aquired an old bench saw which we plan on restoring back to working condition. it appears to be complete except for a few little things. also unfortunaltey someone has bent the drive shaft for the saw. when we picked it up to our suprise there was a trewhella right bench gauge with it . i would like it if anyone could help me out with any infomation on either the bench saw ( which appears to be at least partialy homade ) or the Trewhella bench gauge.

i will try to include some pictures.

regards nathan
[picture 1: feed in feed out trolleys that came with the saw. not sure why there is a hight diffrence?]
[picture 2: the bench saw]
[picture 3: view of the feed in roller]
[picture 4: unkown bracket. possibly to support guard at tailing out side of blade]


Merv C

That is what is known as a breast bench that was used in saw mills.
Some of the gear for the top may be missing.