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Old repairs

Russ Hamm

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These are a pair of rear steel for a Farmall regular I bought from a friend last year,
Check out the spacers used because the bolts were too long. These wheel/lug
combinations were open faced and famous for needing frequent fastener re-torque. KIMG0402_01_BURST1000402_COVER.JPGKIMG0403_01_BURST1000403_COVER.JPGKIMG0404_01_BURST1000404_COVER (1).JPGKIMG0402_01_BURST1000402_COVER.JPGKIMG0403_01_BURST1000403_COVER.JPGKIMG0404_01_BURST1000404_COVER (1).JPGKIMG0405_01_BURST1000405_COVER (1).JPGKIMG0406_01_BURST1000406_COVER.JPGKIMG0408_01_BURST1000408_COVER.JPG