Old tractor guys in Maui

Check out the Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum in Puunene. Call for hours. Aloha Al Give me a call i am still up. AL
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There was a steam train on Maui when I was there many years ago. Lahaina, Kaanapali & Pacific Ry. A sugar cane railway. The train was quite interesting.
Lahaina is a great spot for whale watching.
Kelly, just get one of those fancy beverages with the umbrella in the glass and stick your feet in the water and enjoy life!

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Smokstak makes the world smaller! I got together today with Diesel Doctor and he toured me around the area showing me some of the old sugar cane equipment on Maui. Tom Madden also supplied with more names to contact but I am running out of time. Soon I have to go back to the snow! Thanks to Diesel Doctor for the tour!

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Kelly, considering the artic blast going through here today. I think I'd try to post pone returning to Eskimo land till some time in March! :D