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Olympian 25kw g25f1s w/ Ford 2.5 looking for manual and help


I just picked up 2 Olympian 25kw generators. They both are powered by a Ford 2.5L 4 cylinder engine. They are set up for liquid propane, model G25F1S, somewhere around a 1999 or 2000 model.

I am looking for a maintenance manual or any help. The tag says it is sold by Cat, I have called 3 different cat dealers and they can’t seem to find a manual, parts, etc......

I read that some of these olympians were made by Generac, but I don’t think this is.

The engine has jumped time and I know I can look up how to time a ford ranger or other similar, but I am looking for manuals for future problems. Any ideas where to find one?

Birken Vogt

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Only the really old ones are made by Generac. Those were made by FG Wilson and all the parts should be pretty standard. So if it works I would not worry about it.

I re-timed one of those engines in an Onan once and it was not real hard to do. I don't know what manual I used, if I even used a manual. But a Ford Ranger manual or instructions from the Internet should be good enough.


1 of these runs, but runs rough, I checked the timing and it looks like someone attempted to do a timing belt, but messed up on the oil pump pulley so it’s running out of balance.

The second will not start, I put it in run and the engine interface module just clicks. It is a “eim plus”. It just clicks, it has a light for glow plugs, starter, fuel valve and then another light. When flipped to run only the unlabeled light is on. From the internet this seems to be an over speed light? I pulled the module off the running generator and it does the same thing.

I can’t find a manual or wire diagram for this part, any ideas?