Onan 20.OES HELP


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I have Onan 20.OES-15R/11409A Ser#A830645738
It has a single Fault light on and will not crank,I need a manual
to help me,If I can get it running I would like to change it from 3 phase to single phase.
It has a 2.3L ford engine and is set up for LP
Any Help?
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Manuals here: http://onan.xmsi.net/

Operators: 928-0122, Parts: 928-0222, Generator/control: 900-0335, Installation: 928-0601

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I believe on the back side of the A/C electrical box outlet cover, there is a silkscreened rewiring diagram.


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Thanks,BUT this one has only ONE fault lamp and it says FAULT under it,and it is on when the batt is conected?

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