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Onan J120-S/967F Engine w/WICO X Mag - spark plug wires

matt sommer

Greetings from Eagle River, Alaska. Yes, it's getting cold, 35F now. I have recently procured a cold war relic genset. I'm trying to assess (cheaply) whether or not this unit is worth the time and effort to put into service as back up power for the old homestead. It's sat for at least 30 years, starts very difficult, but runs smooth when it decides to start. My question is where can I go to get replacement spark plug wires similar to oem?(and assoc.ign parts) Current ones are deteriorated and checked. The champion H8 plugs that are in the unit have to be ordered, I guess they are a slow mover. I spent a few hours looking around, the mountain of info that one has to sort through is daunting to say the least. Thank you for your time and efforts.


Any HT lead (8mm/5/16") made using a copper wire core will do the job for you, unless you have an aircraft HT lead then it's down to the local airport and find a service man.

Do not use a carbon cored HT lead, it does not conduct the spark as well and harms the magneto.

In the mean time sounds like the points need to be cleaned and then cleaned again, check the gap and the igniton timing. Some engines run well when the spark timing is out a little bit but cranky as to start.