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Original Finish for Corrugated Copper Cooling Tank?


I have a Lister CS 3/1, pretty much complete. The (original?) tank is corrugated copper and was in a state of green when I got it. I have got back to shiny using sanding discs on an angle grinder, and done a couple of test patches with a wire brush. Both provide an "acceptable" finish as far as I'm concerned, a degrease and a laquer and put it back on.
Just wondering how these tanks would have originally been finished/formed? Or if there's a general consensus on what looks best now.

I imagine they would have rolled corrugated sheet to shape and fitted the bottom by hand, perhaps more interested in function than looks, so would it tend to have roller/die lines going around it? Would they have bothered burnishing afterwards?

No pics now but I'll snap some in the coming week.