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Paid by check, no service yet


Last Subscription Date
Hi, I sent a check which should have cleared by now as I am less than 100 miles away. When and how can I log in to place a classified add?

Ed Brockman


Staff member
I picked up the mail today and Ft Myers, FL is not in my box. When my bookkeeping assistant (wife) can get to it, I will have her look in on the situation.

You see, I have a hell of a problem here. Thanks to the advent of identity theft and other on-line bullshit going on, we now have users that want to hideaway. Not great when I need to match up a PayPal or a check with a user profile to simply set their user group and date of their last subscription. Now we get PayPal names different from their Smokstak name, PayPal email addresses different than their Smokstak email address, Locations on PayPal and their bank check different than on Smokstak. I can make extractions nine ways to Sunday, but if ALL data fields are different, I'm screwed and the user is screwed. If the phone number on the check is different and expired, that's it, I have to return the check or refund the PayPal and I have done this many times! If the city that they list has a couple of dozen John Smiths, forget it! :uhoh:

Anyway back at it. Smokstak keeps me busy and the new Smokstak keeps my lots busier than the old Smokstak.

I do not wait for a check to clear because In 24 years, I've only had one bad check and they replaced it.


Staff member
Actually, looking at your Avatar above next to your post, it shows you listed as a subscriber with a paid date of 02/14/2020. When your check arrives, your account is updated. Your check is not deposited yet (wife is busy) but you are a Subscriber and the classified should work.

You have a text message with my phone number.