Paint on name plate on old Briggs

ronny p 148

New member
I know I started a thread on this before but I went too all threads I’ve started can’t find it I’m blaming it on age !! How can I get this off and still read the engine plate why do people do this ?

Andrew Mackey

Unfortunately, chances are when you remove the colored paint, you will also lose the original B&S kettering as ell. You might try and soak the plate in gas but DO NOT RUB IT! The spurrious paimt may slough off, leaving the original, if you do not rub at it. your other option is to try and find a replacement from one of the small engine sponsors here on the stak.

Doug Tallman

The numbers are stamped in. Even if you lose all the paint and have a bare plate, you should still be able to see the numbers.