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Pair of 857 Wheelhorses



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Ok the pic worked. I really want a Wheelhorse again since I sold mine 5 years ago.Very hard to find an pricey if you do. Well guy is offering me a pair of 857s that are complete with mower deck but have sat a long time. Wants 150.00 for the pair and a running but smoking rer Snapper.Figure I could sell the Snapper for at least 100.

Thing about it is I dont want to end up with 2 boat anchors or spend enough to buy a good tractor. He said sheet metal was straight. They are about 60 miles away and tempting to go look at and make sure engines arent frozen etc. As you can see they have been sadly negltcted and left to rot. I am trying to imagine them just pulled out and cleaned up. I just want to get one running and mow with as is not planning a resto by any means.

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Heres a dark pic of the other one. Usaully when I see pics sent from a "junk hoarder" I stay away and probably will on this deal too. Like I said this looks like a lot to take on even if you have a second parts tractor I am not sure its worth it.Very sad shape IMO.

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In the first pic is that a deck for the other tractor? He did say one had a bad gearbox bearing or something was wrong with the deck when parked.

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Heck, I'd buy them asap. There is over $ 100 in parts easily even if you can't make them run.


I dont care about parts. There no good to me unless I can use them between the 2 to get one running. Certainly have no desire to sell them piece by piece to get my 150.00 back. I may ride and look them over to make sure there not just junk. Before he emailed me the pics he said one would probably run by just cleaning the carb. Yeah right.