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PAMA - Paulson's Ag Museum of Argyle (Near Rockford IL)


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Hello, everyone. This is Mike England from PAMA - Paulson's Ag Museum of Argyle.

We are a little more organized now than we were a couple years ago when I first got involved.

WE have open houses planned now for the 2nd Saturday of each month.
Open house times are 10am to 3pm

And, we are planning our first annual Membership Meeting on April 06.

If you are in the neighborhood and would like to visit on one of these dates, we'd be happy to see you.
Or, if you are not close, please check us out on Facebook.

Annual Membership meeting April 06

Open house dates:
Feb 09;
Mar 09;
April 13;
May 11;
June 08;
July 13
August 06 – 11 – Boone Co Fair
Aug 08 – 11 - Sycamore Steam and Gas show
Sept 14;
Oct 12

Or, make plans to visit when you can.
Call ahead to make an appointment.

“Our goal with the establishment of the Paulson Museum is to educate current and future generations on the history of farming and the equipment and tools that were used.”

contact us through facebook
- PAMA – Paulson’s Ag Museum of Argyle
- or email us at PAMA6950@gmail.com
- Or call at 815 885 3846


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mschreiber and 40-50 others were in attendance today, for our first ever annual membership meeting.

I have to say, it was a rousing success.
First, the weather cooperated; it was a beautiful day.
Second, we hoped for 24 or more and attendance was approximately double that.
Third, we had three GREAT speakers.
- Kent McMakin on Emerson-Brantingham
- Guy Fay on International and E B
- Bruce Johnson on John Deere Dain tractor
Finally, our crack banquet staff vastly exceeded expectations in providing an excellent meal to those lucky few in attendance.

If you were not able to attend today, we hope to see you in future; monthly open house days on the 2nd Saturday of each month are becoming a routine; next year's annual meeting is already in the planning phase.

Those who were with us today know, you were here for the FIRST ever annual membership meeting of the PAMA.

"We few, we happy few, . . . [were here on that great day]. . .
And gentlemen. . . Shall think themselves accursed they were not here. . . "

[please forgive completely inappropriate self-congratulatory appropriation of The Bard]

1) random crowd shot, with Oilpulled in front row, carefully focusing on guest speaker's remarks.
2) closeup of subtle detail of reverse logistics distribution device in museum's collection
3) detail of 100-plus year old painting on another RLDD
4) detail of mystery planter, showing numbered castings common on Deere & Mansur planters


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Mike - the usual open house date is 10a - 3p.
that must be what I was thinking about when I answered your question.
The schedule for the annual membership meeting was supposed to be 12 noon lunch and 1 pm the meeting starts.
That said, I'm sure glad I had a chance to visit with you.
But if you wondered why you were there at 10 or 11 and most people were getting there at 12 or 1 - that's why.