Parrish Auction Results in CA???


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Prices of a few notable IHC item .
10 hp Victor on skids, complete. older restoration $3800
15 hp modul side shaft, on skids, complete, restored $14,500
1910 or 11 or 12 High wheeler. improperly restored using plywood and bondo, but looks nice.....................................$45,000
Famous cannoball on saw cart, missing ignition parts & carburator..$2100

George Best

I just got back. I only recorded a few engine prices and can post them later when I find my papers.

I think most engines went fairly cheap, with a few engines going for much more than they were worth.

To me it seemed that most of the better engines had various problems which kept me from bidding on several of them. For example the 6hp Ohio had cracked hubs on both flywheels. Some large sleeves were put on the outside of the hubs.

I think some of the sideshafts were pretty good deals if you wanted to search for the correct parts to make the engine complete.

There was a phone buyer that bought a lot of stuff. I and a few other collectors talked to the guy placing the bids while talking to the mystery buyer via cell phone. He told us the name of the guy, but is some new collector in Arizona that no one has ever heard of.

Chris Epping

Thanks for the information George. I wish I could have went to the sale and would like to hear your take on it when you find your notes. Prices & conditions on the rarer engines would be apprectiated. Thanks!


Ray Cardoza

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A friend of mine went yesterday and put in a bid on a few things for me and a few hours later he called me with good news that i had gotten a engine. I cant wait to get it up here so i can check it out.

George Best

Here's a few prices I recorded.

7hp Abenaque $9k - going to Nebraska
10hp Doak $10k
5hp Doak $8700 - going to Nebraska
6hp Dorchester $1700
2hp Falk $8k
4hp Lambert $8500 - going to Nebraska
6hp Ohio $8600 - cracked hubs on both flywheels
3hp Stickney $11500! - no explanation on why it went so high or who bought it.
7hp Samson $10250
6hp Rawleigh-Schryer $1600
15hp Mogul $14k
12hp Reid $2k