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Parting off my Lathe


Sometimes I create more problems than I resolve but I do like a challenge plus I also like trying to do things I have not done before like operate a metal lathe, try o MIG weld and generally have fun doing so and getting the old tractors, engines and mowers running again. I now have no outboards left and this made room for other projects, of course.
Another 'have a go ya mug' moment was I also bought a small drone with a camera and going by my results so far I will be able to make a whole new series for Air Crash Investigations but boy is it fun.


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Hee hee...

Glad to see you got the parting sorted out... just got two notes to add onto everyone else's...

Wear glasses AND a shield, and stand to the side, not in the plane of the tool, when parting. I've met several machinists that were missing an eye, and one had a nasty scar along his cheek, courtesy of a parting tool.

If you're having mysterious problems parting, move down the workpiece a bit, and try again. Oftentimes, the material will have a 'hard' spot in it... a defect in the cooling amidst process, and as a result, your nice cutting rythm will be brought to a halt, along with a brand newly-damaged tool.

One of these days, I'm gonna make a powered slitting-saw attachment for my quick-change toolpost holder, and use IT, along with a very low spindle speed, to eliminate the need for a parting tool.


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Sometimes I find something that defies my cut off effort be it carbide or tool steel. I have resorted to a good blade in a recip saw. Lennox and Diablo make some really good blades now.


Hi dkamp,
Already stand behind the chuck of the lathe or hiding would be a better description just for that very reason, in case somehing flies out that shouldn't.
As for the steel most of the stuff we get here now is genuine Chinese grade steel and I tend to agree it comes with hard spots and inclusions that just should not be there unlike when BHP Australia made 1st grade steel only.
Anyway, I'm off the lathe for a short time and about to start some wood working to make the transporter the wheels I made. Then I might need to make the axles to suit the wheels, time will tell.

Tracy T

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you need a camera on that drone! I am sure we ALL would like to see the footage be it crash or not!😉 you know that last part was :bs: everybody likes to see a good crash, as long as they are not in it and its not their stuff!:rotfl:


I will see what I can do for you Tracey. Dee was revving me up this afternoon about how my crash classes were going. I have a few things on the go at the moment but the next ATTEMPTED flight will have to be down the road in the old showground, I just need a heap more space with far less obsticles.
Little Dude the drone came with a camera and with the first few images and video they were arse up and it wasn't until I worked out why then the crashes started. I took some great shots in our back yard but since then the crash lessons have taken priority over filming as it all happens so bloody quick I don't know what went wrong, but still enjoying it heaps.
I will look at putting someof the videos on that YouTube thing then try and copy the link but don't hold your breath waiting as things like this take time for my tiny mind to work out and do.
Glad your interesting in watching more of my failures. :brows::spew::poop: