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Parts and Info Needed for an Empire No. 43 Steam Engine


My cousin rescued this Empire No. 43 Steam Engine from a pile of scrap heading for the dumpster at an old High School Shop that was about to be torn down. I've tested the tank and it holds pressure. The engine will run on compressed air. The whistle valve and pressure relief valve were both stuck, but I got them freed up.

Can someone tell me what size threads the whistle port and throttle port are? They are 1/4" but very fine threads. The whistle port has damaged threads and the whistle will only screw in about a turn and a half. It will screw all the way down in the steam port. I was wanting to clean up the threads in the whistle port, but I need to know the thread pitch so I can order the correct tap. It's also missing the throttle. The bottom of it was still screwed in the port. I got the piece out, but I can't find a source for an new throttle.