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Parts Sales Fraud


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let me ask a question
Does this dude or his cohorts dabble in Skid Steer loaders like Bob cat and new Holland?
Reason I ask,today I was talking to a friend and he said he was dealing with a guy in Mooresville NC about buying a skid steer.This fellow strangely was able to locate a machine in PA with low hours and quoted a price."Exactly" the machine my friend wanted. Well it spurred some intrest.But the guy then wanted him to western union the cost of the machine and the shipping charge of 500 dollars to him or he would come to the bank and accept a cashiers check and confirm it was good.Now the money was going to be western unioned to Mooresville.not PA.But duh uh, that is only about 45 miles from the mans house buying the machine.For the amount of money being delt with,would you not drive 45 miles instead of doing a Western union deal????

You dont get a cashiers check unless it is backed with money.DUH.
THen the PA part of the deal struck me and made me think of this thread.Also the shipping was shady sounding.The machine was going to be hauled whenever the hauler got a FULL load to come down this way.hum. strange to.
So I thought I would ask anyhow.
My buddy did smell a rat and has chose to purchase a machine from a local dealer.