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Paul Breisch "Little Brother" prints needed


Paul Breisch "Little Brother" prints needed
Hi, everyone. I'm trying to machine a Breisch/Peters "little brother"Hit and Miss kit for a friend and am not sure if I have all the prints I need. My friend recently was told he has bowel cancer and I'm trying to get this engine done as soon as possible to cheer him up a little. His nephew did some of the work at school years ago and I think some prints have been lost.Can anyone tell me how many prints there should be?I've made a few steam engines in the past but am new to gas engines. I'd like to build a few hit and miss engines for myself soon when I get done working on my friends stuff.Does anyone know if castings for the little brother are being produced by anyone at this time?I may need some replacements. Some good pics of a finished one would be a help too if anyone has one.Thanks , hope maybe I can be of assistance to the rest of you someday, Mike Moslak


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Watch ebay. There is a guy selling Breisch prints there for $15.99. I need a set for myself as I have the kit but mislocated the drawings.