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For Sale Perkins Windmill Model by DeBolt Machine

Carl Skelonis

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This is a model of a Perkins Windmill engine. This model started as a mechanics kit, machined by DeBolt Machine, serial number 2037. A rare Perkins Model Hit and Miss Gas Engine, model ~1990 era, It is a 1/2 scale working model engine of the original Perkins Upright Windmill engine. It runs on gas and a 12 volt battery and low tension coil. A simple internet search will demonstrate the rarity of these particular engines by DeBolt Machine.The engine is now showing its age, with the original paint flaking or cracking in some places. Flywheels measure about 9 inches. Overall height with fuel tank installed is about 26 inches. Shipping would be insured ground at the cost of the buyer. I will crate the engine if necessary to ensure it is protected. I can deliver within 100 miles of Allentown, PA. Asking $3000