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Petter AV2 No. Z710760


Hello, I'm new to this site. I have the engine listed above and was looking for a couple of bits of info on it. 1st, I was wondering if anyone could decipher the year it was made from the serial number? 2nd, it seems like the engine is mostly firing off of the cylinder 2nd from the flywheel. How is this engine numbered - which cylinder is number 1? I'm thinking that both cylinders should be firing evenly. I'm hoping the fuel injector pump linkage can be adjusted so the engine will run more evenly. Thanks for any help.


Cylinder #1 is usually the one furthest from the flywheel.

Sorry, can't help with the year of manufacture.

Jim Perkins

Hi Cannot remember if I have answered thsi already so here it is.

AV2 no Z710760 was supplied to A.B.O.E (inc) New York 16 on 14.02.1950. The Z prefix shows it to be a series II AV having direct injection but the factory record shows only 710760 which means it should be a in-direct injection engine.

You should be able to adjust pump linkage to balance cylinders if both pumps are OK.