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Petter Handyman


Hi all
I am new to this site, and this is my first post here so hope it works.
Now for my question. We were lucky to get a Petter Handyman Engine at auction a little while ago. We have tried to get going but with not much luck. What we have found is the fuel metering valve in the carby has been replaced and we cant shut the fuel off without turning it of at the tank, so I was hoping that someone could help me with the measurements for the fuel metering valve length where the slots start and finish and how deep they are. I will try and put pics up of the carby, as there is a couple of different ones. Any info would be of a great help.
Thanks Russell


Corey Robinson

Can you show a picture of the fuel meetering rod? I have a early horizontal Petter and I had to make a new one for mine! I can get you a few pictures and measurements to try to help you out! If you go on YouTube and look under rumelyguy2540 there is a video of mine running before I tore it all apart to restore it!
Take care