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Photo gallery


When I started my subscriber gallery four years ago, the first photo I uploaded automatically became the avatar by my name. Maybe a couple years ago it changed to another one of my photos and has been like that ever since. I never had anything to do with it. I think Harry probably does it himself.:)

Craig A

Staff member
Babs......click on this Your site SETTINGS or the Your site SETTINGS button at the upper left.
In the left hand column you will find all your options for customizing your profile...... :D

AH......I see what you want now! DUH!
Open the image you want for your default gallery image.
Click on IMAGE TOOLS and select "set as catagory image".....DONE! :)


New member
Theres a picture on there now. Did you get it up there. Ive been trying to fiqure out how to do that for months.:bonk: Thanks