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Photo Uploading Sideways & Upside Down


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Upside down iphone pictures, try this

If you open a picture on an iPhone or iPad and perform any of the edit functions and then save it before sending or posting, it'll keep it from appearing upside down.


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This is a test of iPhone 10 uploads. Working on iPhone procedures.

Edit: IT'S HOW YOU HOLD YOUR CAMERA! The darn Apple remembers the position.

Our board software remembers the EXIF file camera position. Board, right + Apple, right = Wrong!
Don't miss post #6: https://www.smokstak.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1468764&postcount=6

#1 is from iPhone direct. #2 is emailed to iPhone from the above edited post.

Work continues. These photos are from prints taken with a Canon 35mm film camera and copied with an iPhone 10.

It's all in the camera orientation, specifically from an iPhone.



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So, holding the phone horizontally with the volume buttons down comes through fine.

It's the vertical position that's causing the problems, just like the sides being cut off on videos.

The iPhone EXIF data attachment carries the camera position information for any photo. Google: iphone pictures sideways

Basically, you should take videos and photos with the volume up/down buttons on the bottom of your phone. Try telling that to the world. An iPhone can take amazing videos, so why lose 2/3 of the screen capacity?

Down is up and up is down.

Photo one: volume buttons down.
Photo two: volume buttons up.

If you hold your camera upside down, damned if uploading doesn't rotate the image upside down!

The normal purpose of using ImageMagick is to automatically reduce the Image Size to 1024 X 768 and compress your 4MB photos down to 100k to 200k. Without doing this, your photos would be way off the edge of your screen. Not acceptable.

Your phone remembers your camera position and places that information in an EXIF file attachment to your photo.