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Pictures from Brooks 2019, Great Oregon Steam-Up


Thought everyone would enjoy a few pictures from the Great Oregon Steam-Up 2019, in Brooks Oregon.


Nathan K.

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Thanks for the photos:salute:. Got some nice stuff there- just wish it was closer.


Very rare vertical Palmer & Rey "Hercules"

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An equally rare horizontal Palmer & Rey "Hercules" being shown for the first time

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This wasn't on public display however we were very fortunate to get an invitation to look it over. Sorry for the poor quality of the photo.

Moteur Lenoir

This photo was posted with owner's permission.

Anyway that's going to do it for my photos, I wish I could have posted pictures of everything but there's just too much. The Steam-Up continues next weekend for anyone who wants to come out!


Thanks for posting the pictures. Perhaps I can add some more after this coming weekend.

My son and I displayed our collection of the more common engines, Jumbo's, Economy's, a Stover KA and so on. We had a great time, I had a power hacksaw belted to the Stover, my son had a Jumbo belted to a Hercules water pump. It was a great weekend, seeing kids get so excited over seeing those engines work gives me hope for the future of the hobby.

We'll be back this coming weekend. We enjoy seeing the pall of smoke that drifts across I-5 as the steam engines fire up in the morning...


Nice engines. The vertical twin IHC looks familiar. We had a 25 and a 35hp. The 25 went out west many years ago.

Target Driller

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thanks for sharing all those wonderful photos. It's great to see displays of such variety from different parts of the country.
It's really neat to see detail I've never seen before from others perspectives and camera angles. Some very nice displays there!