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Playing in the snow with the Lombard


Today I found myself headed south to Bangor to drop off our grandson.
So I took the opportunity to stop by and convince Herb to leave his warm home
and house full of family visiting for the holiday and have an adventure.

On the way we stopped by Lew's to pick-up the battery for the
Lombard and attempted to convince him to come out to play.
Lew decided that we were crazy and retreated into the warmth of his house.

It was a balmy 10 degrees when we arrived at the Maine Forest & Logging
Museum. Herb soon had the big doors open (recent rains have diminished
the snow substantially so they actually could be opened) while I connected up the battery.

It took a few minutes to awaken the old beast - it takes quite a bit of work with the
throttle and choke and we had to walk away once but she did indeed awaken.
We let her idle for a good long time to let the heavy oil in the transmission loosen up a bit then
we gave it a go.

In a couple of weeks we expect to have the set of Lombard patent logging sleds, which are being
constructed by the Building trades and Farm Mechanics students at the Presque Isle Regional Career & Technical Center, on
hand and will need the beast to test them out. Plus later this winter we want to do a
winter run with both the gasoline Lombard and the steamer. Our hope is that
at some point we can fabricate a set of skis for the gasoline Lombard.
To do that we need to fabricate some patterns and find a foundry to do
some steel castings for us. All in good time!



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