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Posting on Classifieds


I've probably missed it , but did the new classifieds change to post by subscribers only ? .... I get this in the message posting box even when signed in .
"You have insufficient privileges to post threads here."


"Subscribed groups have permission to post ads in the classifieds and access other extended areas of Smokstak."

Was just hoping for a few more details on "other extended areas" I guess , also if there are limitations on ads , as it used to be five for unsubscribed ?....


Staff member
Yes, ads are extremely limited for Subscribers and Sponsors. Google and eBay ads do us no favors and are a pain to maintain.

As it stands now, banner ads at the top of the page are sponsored by reputable sellers of antique engine and tractor parts and supplies.

Obtaining proper support for classified ads is impossible, so a flat rate of $20 per year gets the job done. CHEAP compared to eBay.

This new board is in its infancy and I'm pedaling as fast as I can. Fifteen years of development went into our old board.

I am taking time off and going to the Coolspring Power Museum Summer Exhibition. You should too!