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Powder Coat?

Spenser Rynne

Hello, all. While I know there's masses to read online about powder coat, I do like to hear opinions on specific questions..

I have these two that will wind up on a paired skid and be used at shows as a working display. The engine being an early B&S, the pump a small Uniflow.
The pump itself would likely hold paint just fine. However the B&S always mists some oil out of various places, and the carb always seems to driip a little. I'm nervous to paint it over again because with time it'll lift and soften. So I'm considering powder coating them. Seems the stuff takes heat OK, as well as gas and oil resistance. Just curious to hear if anyone's tried it on an actual engine? The 400* temp of the oven, I can't really think of much that would hurt on this sort of engine. Nothing in it is made of low melting point materials, and it would be stripped anyway.
Just curious on your opinions. If I had a painting setup, or knew a shop that wouldn't laugh it out the door, I'd surely consider that..

I like oldstuff

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I wouldn't. Besides the heat, the coating is fairly thick and it will lose the look of castings that were painted. I'd just go with wet paint as they did back then.


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Yea,no way I would powder coat.The G Allis in my shop right now,the owner had a bunch of stuff sandblasted and powder coated in primer and I have found it to be very thick and not very durable when it came time to bump the steering parts together.


They will make a great display together pumping water around.
Powder coating as mentioned will be quite thick and would loose any appearances on cast iron and would make it look smooth and not original.
Is there any reason that you cannot stop the oil leaks and inparticular the fuel leak?
I have just now finished spraying our David Brown Cropmaster tractor. I used 2pac paint and when sprayed over the cast holds the gloss but still shows the texture. Obviously on the tinware it is dead smooth and glossy and to a certain extent resistant tp fuel but not fuel proof and if left on the surface will eat through it. I found this out the hard way as the fuel tap was not reassembled correctly and had a slow drip into a recess which did lift the new , 1 month old, paint. This will be resprayed soon. So with a 2pac it is tolerant to fuels and oils but wipe it off as soon as possible and that will last.

Scotty 2

Hello all
Powder coating is not that resilient to fluids we'd use. Years ago I had my tool boxes powder coated and one day I was cleaning a cable with metho and chucked the rag in the back of the ute. An hour later the rag had to be torn from the powder coating.
I should have learnt but another episode involved putting the rego numbers on the tiny tinny. Wiped the area with metho and put the bottle on the seat. 3 minutes later there was a ring in the 2 pak paint where the bottle sat.
I'm very careful with rags and bottles now.
I also try not the paint fuel tanks and the like as, no matter what you put on them, the fuel will lift it.
Cheers Scott