Predator 3500 watt inverter generator


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Does anyone have any actual experience with the newer Predator 3500 inverter generator? Not looking for what the internet says or hearsay. Looking for real reviews and feed back.

I know that there is an update to the oil fill door that is supposed to really help.


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Well I passed on the Predator generators. Wound up with a pair of Westinghouse lgen4500 inverter generators. They have good reviews and looks like they are the same as the new Cummings 4500 watt inverter generator. They come with a few more goodies and $100 cheaper.
Put oil in both and 2 gallons of gas in each and ran them for a couple hours. Both fired right up and run good. They pull 3000 watts without hesitation. Going to run them for an hour or two more and change the oil. Already have the parallel cord so the food truck will be able to pull 50 amps if need be.
So far, pretty impressed by them. Time will tell but we did get the 3 year warranty on them. They are really quiet for a. 4500/3700 watt generator.

Kevin K

That's quite a savings over an equivalent Honda. I hope they hold up well for you.

Whenever i go to a large public event that has food trucks, I like to look at the generators they are using. This summer it seems to be about a 50/50 mix of Honda inverters and Predator inverters, with an occasional other brand thrown in. Not many synchronous generators show up any more, almost all are inverters.

Please keep us informed how they work out.


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I have 3 hours on then now. Did the first oil change and no real metal in the oil. Loaded them to 75% and they are performing well. Seem great on fuel so far.


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These are my first experience with inverter generators. They are sure compact and seem well designed. The oil drain plug is a little hard to get to but doable, even with my large hands. Plugs are easy to replace and the included plug wrench works well.
The remote start works like a champ but you have to have the power switch on and it is lite when on. Not sure how long you would want to leave it on not running the generator.
These are just a few observations from short term ownership.
The units did come with a battery maintainer that plugs into the front panel. Really handy!!


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I have one that I bought in mid 2017. I got it to power the AC on my trailer. It has also been put in to service for power outages. It's got a couple hundred hours on it and it is going strong. I do need to replace the starting battery as it is now pretty weak. Starts with a few good pulls if the battery will not do it.

The only issue I have with it is the weight. At a hundred pounds it's not the easiest thing to put in the bed of the truck.